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Telrad Canada is an established and innovative provider of telecommunication systems, products and solutions to businesses of all sizes worldwide. The company's offerings include traditional and advanced digital telephony, wireless solutions and new pure IP products.

Telrad is pleased to introduce you to our Company & Multi Award Winning Telecom/IP Technology supported by a Team of Experienced and dedicated professional staff supporting clients from Montreal to Vancouver and Internationally with our client solutions.

Telrad offers both Pure IP and Converged Solutions (Combination of Digital Key Telephone System and IP) with an Unrivaled Functionality/Feature set evolved since the Telrad Digital systems 1991 Introduction [incorporating all the EKT Electronic Key Telephone features since 1981].  

Telrad as the “Experts in Teleconnect” have said is “Telrad is Solid”; Data Pro Research Reports rate Telrad as #1 for Reliability with many components rated at over 41 Years MTBF  Mean Time Before Failure….no other Telecom manufacturer let alone newer Data/IP equipment maker can make this claim.

New Telrad system installations are fully Parts & Labor Warranted with 24/7 support for One or Two Full Year Terms, not 90 Days as with most IP suppliers; further Telrad offers Free End-User Training (Telephone and Voicemail) to ensure Client Staff get the best out of their Simple to use yet Sophisticated Telephone technology.  Telrad can offer clients a 5 Year Extended Equipment Warranty for very small added investment. 

Telrad is the only “Evergreen Telecom” provider as clients that invested in our 1984 Vintage EKT sets could migrate them onto the new 1991 Digital system and later with all could work together with the new 1991 Avanti DKT phone introduction and the 2004 Avanti IP phone introduction all on the same Digital Platform. ….now that’s…Evergreen at it’s Telecom best! 

Telrad is an investment in technology that seems to last forever providing leading edge Telecom/IP solutions  the Telecom Experts said about Telrad  “When the Sophisticated is made simple we call that Elegant.”

We at Telrad are convinced that if you would consider to learn more about how Telrad can solve your communication requirements your business will adopt and truly benefit by our technology and superior support.   



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