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The UNITe IP and IPeX Platform

Telrad UNITe IP E2E 2.0 Platform offers advanced flexibility and communication features to help expand your business scope and anticipate future growth while maintaining your company’s previous investment.


The IPeX is the all-in-one communications server that is the main processing system within the Telrad UNITe IP platform.  

Just imagine a fully loaded unified solution supporting 32 to 128 ports, a 4 COL analog trunk module supporting Caller ID, an internal modem for easy remote programming and upgrades, your choice of 1 or 4-port fax cards, and 8-Party and 30-Party conference bridge service for internal or external parties.

The IPeX also includes emaGEN on-board, a powerful enterprise solution for Unified Messaging emaGEN switches the focus to business at hand instead of the business of balancing information overload.

All port capacities, feature delivery and optional application modules are controlled via software licensing, ensuring superior investment protection and made-to-order customization.  The internal modem and 4 CO module are hardware devices, which are installed separately.


The MPD2 is designed for those customers who already have an external emaGEN voicemail server with the necessity to enhance their existing communications system.  The SnapMAIL, Telrad’s small voicemail solution is available for the MPD2.  

With all the robust features of an IPeX (with the exception of emaGEN on-board and fax), the MPD2 is the “other” main processing system within the UNITe IP platform.

emaGEN Unified Server

The emaGEN design technology guarantees the highest quality in voice clarity, reliable performance and unsurpassed flexibility.  From call processing to message management, users enjoy a robust feature collection in an easy-to-administer architecture including:
  • Voicemail
  • Call Control
  • Email integration
  • Fax Manager
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Automated Attendant
IPeX 1
  • Supports 32 to 128 system ports
  • 20G hard drive
  • emaGEN Unified Server on-board hardware for up to 8 ports of voicemail
  • emaGEN license must be purchased separately
IPeX 2
  • Supports 32 to 128 system ports
  • 20G hard drive
  • emaGEN Unified Server on-board hardware for up to 16 ports of voicemail
  • emaGEN license must be purchased separately
  • Supports 32 to 128 system ports
  • The internal modem is only operational for system configuration modifications
  • For clients with existing external emaGEN server
  • For SnapMAIL with 4 ports of voicemail, 10 hours capacity, and 32 mailboxes
Flash Chips- Two flash chips containing the system software are resident on the servers, eliminating the need for bulky memory cartridges.  This allows for system upgrades to be performed without shutting down the system, waiting for after-hours access.  While the system is operating from one flash chip, the second is available for system software upgrades.

System Ports- Activation of system ports include a 32-port, 64-port, 96-port and a 128-port license (384-port- future enhancement).

Conference Bridge licensing (optional) is available in 8-party and 30-party seats.

ACD Licensing (optional) activates the ACD features with 5-seat and 10-seat entry level increments on the MPD2, IPeX1 and IPex2.  After-market licensing for ACD is available in 5-Seat and 10-Seat increments, offering scalability as your needs increase.

Multi-Night Mode is now available with up to 4 Night Modes per Attendant Console.  Each night mode can be activated by time of day, date, or by simply pressing a pre-programmed key.  This unique feature is not only a timesaver, but gives you the flexibility to set your system around key events in your company.

Trunk and Station Profiles – With Trunk and Station Profiles, it is now possible to set different timers and parameters for individual trunks and stations.  The benefit of these new features gives functionality control to the individual user instead of system-wide control.

Audio Boost allows a user to permanently boost the audio of their station.  This feature will only raise the station volume once, and is not available on the Avanti 3015ip or i.Picasso IP stations.

Meet-Me Conference Bridge Button which is programmed on a station, allows the user to view the status of a specific Conference bridge, enter or transfer a call to a Conference Bridge. 

Dialing During Conference- It is now possible for the initiator of a conference call to generate DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) after the conference call has been established.  Now, if the initiator dials an extension or outside number and receives voicemail or auto attendant, it’s possible to dial out and try again. 
Call Through- This feature is now available as a 10-Seat Entry Level license.  You can expand the existing licenses by adding as many 10-Seat After-Market licenses as required.
Other add-on features include:
1-Port Fax Board supports 1 fax line in conjunction with the emaGEN 1-port fax license, which must be purchased separately.  An additional slot is occupied in the cabinet and an Analog SLT port is required for incoming and outgoing faxes.
4-Port Fax Board will support 4 fax lines in conjunction with the emaGEN 4-port fax license, which must be purchased separately.  An additional slot will also be occupied in the cabinet and an Analog SLT port is required for each port supporting incoming and outgoing faxes.
4-Port Loop-start Analog Trunk Module installs directly onto the MPD2, IPeX1 and IPeX2 and is equipped with support for Caller ID for the 4 loop-start trunks located on-board only.  As additional slot is occupied with the installation of this board.
Adapter for Fax Boards- Adapter is required to attach 1 Port or 4 Port Fax board to an IPeX 1 or IPeX 2.  Item purchased separately.
These latest enhancements included with the UNITe IP E2E 2.0 Platform are just part of the full-featured Telrad Connegy UNITe IP family of products. 

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